At last, Samsung has opened its doors to the CF Toronto Eaton Centre flagship store at Yonge and Dundas Streets. My visit to the store has left me perplexed and maybe this will change after the formal launch.

The main Yonge Street entrance is buried under the Nordstrom, Uniqlo, and CF Toronto Eaton Centre corner entrance.


But this all changes once shoppers are inside the centre. The front doors and windows offer clean, ample views into the 21,000 square foot showcase store.

The entrance is open, the sight lines are clear, and the signage is simple and the greeter is friendly and engaging.

The customer service desks are well placed and open.

Placed throughout these service structures are low fixtures for laptops and phones.

There is a second-floor demonstration kitchen with an Experience Zone and digital lounge—all offering very limited ranges of products in unenticing ways!

Has Samsung made a giant mistake? I think so. Have they committed one of retail’s cardinal sins? There is a total lack-luster approach to merchandise—which is totally overwhelmed by the bold and beautiful design features.

I came for the merchandise and went away remembering the architectural design. That’s not what a store is for!